1.0     Logging In and Out


  • To access the Cabfind System, go to Client Booking on our welcome page.
  • Click on business Accounts, Enter your username, password and company name as supplied to you by CabFind or your chosen Taxi firm in the Member Login box on the right of the screen.
  • When logging into the system for the first time, you will be required to change your password from the one originally issued to you.   Choose a word which is memorable to you but which cannot be easily guessed.  Your new password must be at least 6 characters in length and it is not case sensitive.
  • After the first time you log in and change your password each time you login you will be taken straight to the ‘Make a Booking’ screen.
  • You can log out of Cabfind at anytime, simply click ‘LOG OFF/CLOSE,’ at the top of the screen.


1.1            Changing your Password


  • The best way to prevent unauthorised access to your system is to change your password regularly.  You can do this by clicking ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’ at the top of the screen.


2.0            Navigating The System – The Menu Page


  • The easiest way to navigate the system is by clicking MENU in the top left of the screen and selecting functions from there.
  • From this page you can navigate all of the areas and functions of Cabfind. 
  • All of the functions are also accessible through the toolbar at the top of the screen.  For example, the ‘View Bookings’ function is available under the heading ‘BOOKING OFFICE’ on the Menu screen and on the toolbar.  The instructions in this guide will explain navigation of the system based upon using the Menu page as a starting point. 

You can view, and reply to, any incoming messages on the right-hand side of the screen.  To return to the booking screen simply click ‘BOOKING OFFICE’ at the top of the screen.























3.0     Setting up Your System


  • CabFind offers you the ability to set up users in your company with differing levels of privileges.
  • The username/password combination given to you is that of the ‘Super User’ which allows access to all parts of the CabFind system with the ability to change specific aspects.
  •  The most common type of system will be a two tier one.  A ‘Super User’ will have all system privileges.  You can then give your booking clerks/telephonists access under the default user type ‘Booking’ so that they can make, cancel and amend bookings, but cannot change system settings (the way to do this is explained below, under ‘Setting up User Types’). 
  • The following functions are all found under the SYSTEM MANAGER heading on the menu.
  • All users can access through the ‘Super User’ username and password if you so wish, however all users entering as a ‘Super User’ will be able to change all aspects of the system.


3.1     Setting up User Types


  • To give a number of people the same access privileges you can set up a USER TYPE.  This is done through the EDIT USERS TYPES function under the SYSTEM MANAGER heading.
  • Think of the User Type as an umbrella setting; if you have a number of people doing the same type of tasks, such as receptionists who make bookings, they can all be given the same system privileges.
  • There are 3 default User Types with different options:
    1. SUPER USER          (all options)
    2. ADMIN                   (admin options)
    3. BOOKING               (booking options)


  • Clicking on the name of the user type allows you to review and edit that user type’s options.
  • You can create your own user type.  Go to the EDIT USER TYPES screen:














  • Then click the ‘ADD A NEW USER TYPE’ button.


  • Name your new user type and give it a description and set that user type’s permitted actions by clicking in the box next to the relevant action.  Clicking a ticked box removes the action from the user type.

3.2     Adding / Editing a User


  • Under the SYSTEM MANAGER heading, click the EDIT USERS function.
  • To add a new user, click the ‘ADD A NEW USER’ button.
  • Then enter the details of your user, allocate them a username and password (minimum 6 characters: the password will have to be changed the first time the person logs in) and set their user type.






















  • Then click SAVE USER. Repeat the process for each person who needs access to the system.
  • To edit a user select an existing user from the list on the EDIT USERS screen and amend their details accordingly. 
  • Remember to save any changes by clicking SAVE USER.
  • Users can also be deleted by viewing their details and selecting DELETE USER.


3.3     Billing Departments


  • If, within your company, you have a number of departments operating with individual budgets, you can use Cabfind to ensure that each department is only billed for the taxis that it uses.
  • Under the SYSTEM MANAGER heading, select the EDIT BILLING DEPARTMENTS.
  • In the Billing Departments screen, click the ADD A NEW BILLING DEPARTMENT button.
  • The only mandatory field is the Department Name; however you can enter further details for your own ease of reference.
  • Remember to click SAVE DEPARTMENT when all details are entered.
  • When making a booking, each billing department will identify themselves through the billing department tab, on the first booking screen.
  • In order to set a department as the default for making bookings, tick the box next to ‘PREFFERED DEPARTMENT’.
  • This will mean that all bookings will be made by this billing department unless another department is specified on the booking screen.


4.0     EasyBook Tools


  • CabFind offers you the ability to store regular addresses and preferences in your system, to save you from entering them each time you make a booking. 
  • There are three functions in this menu, all located under the EASYBOOK TOOLS heading:

4.1     Address Book


  • You can store your regular pickup / drop-off addresses in the address book, which can then be selected through the Address Book function when making a booking (explained in the bookings section of this guide).
  • To amend an address, go into the address book, find the address either by clicking the first letter of the street name on the bottom of the screen or by searching in the box at the top of the screen. Select your address, amend the details and save your changes.


4.2     Special Instructions


  • Here you can create you own list of special instructions, specific to the needs of your users. Click ADD A NEW INSTRUCTION, enter the instruction (e.g. beep horn outside) and save. 
  • You then select which instruction is relevant to each particular job on the booking screen.


4.3     EasyBook Defaults


  • EasyBook Defaults allow you to customise your booking process; you can set a preferred pick up address, veichle type, billing dept etc. 
  • Easybook defaults are also where you activate features like E-mail Confirmation, Authorised by field and Airports Address book.  For more information on these features see point 10 in this guide.


5.0     Bookings


5.1     Making a Booking


  • Under the BOOKING OFFICE heading, select MAKE A BOOKING.  You will be taken to the first of three steps.


Step 1:


























  • Here you enter: your pickup and drop-off points; the name of the passenger; the time the taxi is required; the vehicle required, the number of vehicles needed; the number of passengers; the payment type, billing department, and any special instructions.
  • You can enter your pickup/drop-off points manually or by selecting an address on your system through the ADDRESS BOOK buttons. If you are entering an address for the first time you can save it by checking the ‘SAVE IN ADDRESS BOOK’ box.


Mandatory Fields


Pickup:                 Either the Building or the Number; plus

                             The street name; plus

                             Either the Area, or the Town.


Drop-Off:              The area only. (However, if you wish to book a return taxi for a later date/time you will need to fill in a specific address.)


Date/Time:          The default setting is ASAP, if you wish to specify a time in the future select           ENTER DATE / TIME. When using this option both a date and a time must be entered.  As a tip when entering a time, always use a 24 hour clock and select AM           or PM to avoid unnecessary confusion.  For example, for 5 in the afternoon, enter 17.00 PM.


Main Passenger:  Enter the name of one of the passengers.


  • You can book a return taxi.  To do this, check the box and specify your return time (see above instruction for how to enter time).

Step 2:
































  • The details you entered on the previous screen will be summarised for you to check before you confirm the booking.  If you are satisfied click SEND BOOKING, this will instantly send your booking to your taxi firm.
  • To change details click the BACK button on your web browser and make the necessary changes.


Step 3:


































  • This will confirm that your booking has been sent and will generate a reference number if you have set up the system to do so.
  • Click the red MENU PAGE writing in the bottom left corner to be taken to the menu page where your last 4 bookings will be displayed.  Any bookings not confirmed or rejected by the taxi firm will display ‘processing ….’


5.2     Amend/Cancel a Booking


  • When you have made your booking you can amend or cancel it.  This can only be done if the status of the booking is ACCEPTED or PROCESSING.
  • Under the BOOKING OFFICE heading, select AMEND/CANCEL A BOOKING.  The easiest way to find a recent booking is to select ‘view last 50 bookings’ and select the one you wish to change from the list.  You can also search by various criteria.
  • Select your booking by clicking the Ref. number.


Amend: Amend the details you wish to change and click the UPDATE BOOKING button.  You will then be taken to a summary screen to check the details, if they are correct, click ‘amend booking.’  This will send your updated booking to the Taxi firm, who will then accept / decline accordingly.  The status of this booking will be changed to ‘processing…’ until the taxi firm has made their decision. To change details click the BACK button on your web browser and make the necessary changes.


Cancel: Click the CANCEL BOOKING button.  You will be reminded at this point that cancellation may incur a callout charge (this depends on the taxi firm’s policy).  Click yes to confirm that you wish to cancel the booking.  The taxi firm will be instantly informed of your change.


5.3     Confirmation


  • Whether you have made a new booking, or amended an existing one, the way in which you view the taxi firms decision whether to accept or decline is the same.
  • Go to the MENU screen when you have made / amended your booking.  It is recommended that you do this immediately after you send your booking or amendment.  Your recent bookings will be listed on the right hand side of the screen.
  • When the Taxi firm has made their decision the status of your booking will change from ‘Processing….’ to ‘accepted,’ or ‘declined.’ 
  • To see why a booking has been declined, click its reference number to see a summary of the booking.


5.4     Make a Regular Booking


  • If you wish to make the same journey for a number of consecutive days, you can set up CabFind to make this booking automatically, saving you the hassle of entering the booking over and over.
  • Under the BOOKING OFFICE heading, click MAKE A REGULAR BOOKING.
  • Enter your details as normal, but notice the ‘Fist Date’ and ‘Last Date’ headings:


















·        In these fields enter the date you wish the regular booking to start and stop.

·        Note that ‘inclusive’ means that the last date you enter will be the last date your regular journey will be booked for.


6.0     Archive:

·              If you wish to query a particular booking, you have the ability to find it on the system without going through the reports function. 

·              Select ‘SEARCH FOR A BOOKING’ under the archive heading and search using one of the following criteria:
















·              When you find your booking you will be able to see all details relating to it; including any amendments made.


7.0            Accounts Department

  • The following Functions are located under the ACCOUNTS DEPT heading


7.1            Reports

·              Under the ACCOUNTS DEPT heading there is a reports section which allows you to review various data regarding bookings can be reviewed.


7.2     Booking Report:

·              This function allows you to review bookings made. You are given numerous filtering options:


















·              When you have chosen your filter options, select ‘view report,’ the information you wish to view will then be loaded up in a new window.  This gives you the opportunity to periodically review your system use. 

·              You can print the data shown in your report.


7.3     Booking Response Report

·              This allows you to review how quickly you respond when bookings come in.  It is done in the same way as you view booking reports, however you have the option to view a report based on the bookings made by a particular member of staff.

·              When setting your filter options, choose the staff members name from the SENT BY dropdown menu.

·              Viewing booking response times is useful as you will be able to see how efficient your taxi firm is at responding to your bookings, and if any problems arise, you have evidence of any delays.


7.4            Journey Report

·              The journey report is the most complex report; it is very similar the Booking report but has more information.

·              When you have chosen your filter options, select ‘view report,’ the information you wish to view will then be loaded up in a new window.  This gives you the opportunity to periodically review your system use.

·              You can choose to view to report through Internet explorer or export and save the report as an Excel spreadsheet. 


8.0     Messages

·              You and your taxi firm can communicate with each other using the massage facility in Cabfind.

·              To send a message, simply go to the menu screen and click ‘SEND A MESSAGE’ (located on the right of the screen).

·              You can also receive messages.  If you are in the bookings screen they will appear above the booking window like so:











You can also view messages on the Menu screen.  They will show on the bottom right of the screen:









·              To reply to a message, click the name in the ‘From’ field, you can then view all of the text in the message. 

·              Click on ‘reply to this message’ to compose and send your reply.  The customer will receive your reply immediately.


9.0     E-mail Confirmation


·     The CabFind System has the ability to send an E-mail confirmation to a desired E-mail address when a booking is accepted or rejected by the taxi firm. 


·     E-mail confirmation is turned on and off via the Easybook defaults button in your Easybook tools menu. 


·     Click into the Easybook tools menu and locate the E-mail confirmation box and tick it, once ticked you will notice a new field on the make a booking screen (once activated E-mail confirmation is not a mandatory field).



·     Simply enter the E-mail you wish the

confirmation to be sent to.


·     When the Taxi firm accept or rejects your

booking the system will automatically

send the E-mail confirming the booking

details Date/Time, pick up and drop off

info etc.









9.1 Authorised By Field:


·     The CabFind system now has the facility to display an authorised by field on the make a booking screen, authorised by field is ideal for business’s that require their taxi users to obtain permission to use a taxi, i.e. from the a manager or a cost centre.  


·     The field is activated through Easybook defaults menu, click into the Easybook defaults from Easybook tools menu, locate the Authorised by field near the bottom of the screen tick the box and click save defaults to activate the field.


·     When the box has been ticked you will notice a new field on the make a booking screen, once the field has been activated it is a mandatory field and anything can be typed into it.



9.2 Airport Address Book


·     The CabFind system has an Airport Address book which taxi bookers can select an airport from a list of all major UK airports.


·     Locate the show airports button in the easy defaults menu, tick the box to the right and click save defaults.


·     You will now notice a UK Airport button next to the normal address book on the make a booking page.


·     If you wish to select a UK airport as a pick up or drop off simply click the UK Airport button and select your chosen airport by ticking the box to the right, when you have chosen your airport click the close window button and the system will populate the airport fields.


·     The system also changes the address fields to things relevant to an airport pick up/drop off i.e. flight times, terminal number etc.



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