What is Call Back. 


As the Taxi arrives at your front door, your telephone will ring twice. (DO NOT ANSWER)


How does it work and can it ring my mobile phone.


Easy and yes.


Land line.

Apec Computerised communications system identifies your telephone number, then as the taxi arrives your telephone rings twice.

If you have booked a taxi you need not answer your telephone, it will not ring more than twice.


Mobile Telephone.

To use Apec mobile telephone call back service simply add this number to your contacts list on your phone  


01928 831100   then save as Taxi Outside.


(Please note the telephone number above is outgoing only and will not receive incoming calls)


This service is offered to you free of charge by Apec.


If booking via telephone please call any of these numbers.


Tel:   01928-565656 or 575757 or 580580 or 777777




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